You are more than just a number. Don’t get lost in the crowd of a commercial gym or large group fitness class. We are dedicated at providing the support you need both inside and outside the gym in order to give you RAPID FAT LOSS OR MUSCLE GROWTH (depending on your goal)


A powerful and enjoyable community atmosphere that helps you push harder than you would on your own.

Healthy Nutrition Plan

Receive individualised nutritional and lifestyle guidance and support. No one sized fits all approaches.

Personal Service

Your very own personal trainer guiding you both inside and outside the gym and keeping you accountable.

Unique to your needs

Seperate programs for fat loss, muscle growth and strength. Train for YOUR goal ! .


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October 07, 2018

7 Tips for a Successful Summer Shred


Summer is almost upon us. The time where a large portion of the population decides to pull their finger out and start taking care of their health and fitness. For many it is a seasonal occurrence. Train for a month or two then fall off the wagon and so the cycle repeats itself. These tips […]

August 01, 2018

Episode 15 – Rig Radio

Join Geoff

July 19, 2018

Do you need to train to failure?


Training in a commercial gym now and then I see some pretty gnarly shit. Personal trainers taking their clients to failure on every single set – bicep curling the bar up as their poor client struggles to get more than 3 reps out on their own on the bench press with the remaining 7 reps […]



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