Fat Loss Training

Lord of the Rig offers a fat loss specific training service.

The training includes conditioning (exercises that increase your strength, speed, endurance) work, injury prevention work, and also an in-depth look at your nutrition and lifestyle.

We will ascertain you're eating/drinking over a 5-7 day period, and then write you a personalised nutrition program that complements your lifestyle, habits and weight loss training.

We work with male and female participants and our clientele is predominantly aged between 25-40.

Our weight loss service is available through both personal training and group training mediums.

When you first call

Please fill out the form on our contact page, or call us on 0409 518 088.

Generally, the first thing we’ll do is talk about your specific goals (i.e. lose 6kg in 12 weeks) and to identify we’re a good fit for each other. 

From there, we’ll ask about

  • Your training history 

  • What style of training you like

  • What style of training you don't enjoy

We ask these questions to ensure we’re the right gym environment for you - so you can achieve fantastic results working with Lord of the Rig.

If that sounds ideal to you, we will invite you to visit the gym for a free first session.

Our first consultation

During the first meeting, we will outline exactly how the sessions and overall program will run.

You will meet all our expert coaches - who are professional, prompt and friendly. They will all be briefed on your background.

Once the meet and greet is done, we will also perform out first workout together!

After the workout, you’ll be asked whether you’d like to become a member.

All fat loss campaigns will commence on a 12 week contract. We will be committing to you 100%, and we ask that you commit to us for 12 weeks.

We want to help people who are serious about their weight loss goals - and 12 weeks is enough for us to make a profound impact on your life and build a strong relationship with you.

If you’re happy with that, we’ll schedule our next workout.

Baseline strength & fitness testing

The first few sessions we will perform baseline strength and fitness testing. This would take approximately 2 sessions.

Performing these tests enables us to capture accurate data about your current performance levels and to ensure you’re actually making progress as the program progresses.

The fat loss journey - What we'll do

Lord of the Rig staff strive to make a meaningful relationship with all our clients. So you can expect our coaches to know you on a first name basis.

Every coach will be aware of your specific goals and injury history.

We mentioned earlier, that we are 100% committed to your fat loss success. If you’re absent for a few days in a row, it’s likely you’ll get a text from Geoff or one of our coaches asking if everything is okay. We help our clients remain accountable and ensure they’re attending the gym so their goals are met.

Unlike commercial gyms (which make money on you not showing up) - Lord of The Rig aims to do the opposite by having everyone show up as much as possible.

Ideally, we will train together for at least 3 times per week. If you think you couldn’t do three days per week, our fat loss service is probably not for you (we don’t mean to sound rude by saying that, it’s just we want you to meet and exceed your goals).

Measuring results

Measuring results is a case-by-case basis.

Some clients would prefer to weigh themselves at home, and update us on a weekly basis.

Others are striving to gain muscle and the scales do not necessarily reflect their goals.

There’s no one size fits all protocol for measuring results, so we simply strive to meet your 12 week goal which was originally stipulated.

Ongoing support

Once we have completed the 12 week campaign. You have the option of staying with us and your contract transitions to a weekly basis. You would then have the option of freezing or cancelling your membership.

Our average member lifetime is for 37 weeks.

Fat Loss Training FAQ

Can you outline how we will set realistic goals?

On the phone we will discuss

Your training history
Your training age (how you've been training for)
What you want to work towards

We will let you know about some of the past results we’ve had - and what you can really expect with your body type and training history.

It really comes down to how much you’re willing to put in. We’ll be here to hold you accountable, to motivate you and to provide you with expert training - however you need to meet us halfway.

Generally, we ask people, "How important is this goal to you out of 10?" And, obviously, the more serious you take it, the more chance you have on hitting it and the faster you're going to get there.

How do you support and motivate me on the fat loss journey?

If you’re new to the gym, we will cater the sessions and let you go at your own pace, however we’re here to challenge you as well.

We're going to push you harder than you'd be able to go on your own.

We'll be able to keep you motivated by building a positive relationship with you, which keeps you coming back to the gym more.

Do you apply the same fat loss strategy for every individual?

Certainly not.

This is what makes our program unique. What works for person A, will not work for person B.

As a result, we take an in-depth analysis of nutrition (because we all like different foods). Some are better suited to different diets, so we find the best diet to compliment the individual.

We tailor the workout programs at an individual level too. Some people really love to push hard and do intense sessions, other people would rather come and lift weights.

We find whatever is going to get people to the gym more. That’s more beneficial than just smashing them and doing a generic program.

Can you outline some notable fat loss success stories you’ve gotten for clients?

We’ve had quite a few - we’ve been proud to see:

People lose over 10kg of fat
People tell us we’ve changed their lives and self confidence
People get new boyfriends and girlfriends

We love getting big hugs and letters from our happy clients and their family members. That’s why we do what we do.

What happens if I’m not losing weight, or losing weight too slowly?

We put things under the microscope.

Firstly, we’ll review how many sessions you're performing per week. People often overestimate how much they're training and they underestimate how much food they're eating.

Case studies that show there is upto 50% inaccuracies. For example, people may think they're burning 50% more calories than they actually are, and eating 50% more calories than they actually are. These numbers are significant.

It’s about helping the individual create self awareness, so they can realistically assess themselves (both now - and even when they’re not training with us).

We will identify the cause of the stagnation and help the individual improve this area so they can stay lean for life.

Do I need to track food?

Yes, though this is a flexible agreement. We generally set up clients with a food tracker (diary).

We will take a look at everything you’re consuming over a 5-7 period. By recording this, we can work together to make small changes per week.

We understand habits take time to change, so we aim to make this manageable.

Do I need to track calories?

No. However you can if you would like.

Can I still engage you if I have a current injury?


The coaches will be informed of you injury and this will be catered for at an individual level.

You will not be performing any activities that could aggravate the injury. Your workout program will be designed to specifically make you more resilient and make the injury less likely to recur.

Does the pricing for your fat loss service include the diet plan or does it cost extra?

There are no additional costs for the diet plan.

Ready to work with Lord of the Rig?

  • We are fully insured & accredited

  • We have been located in Sydney for over 4 years and have helped hundreds of people just like you

  • Dedicate to us and yourself and you WILL change your life

  • Consider our fat loss service an investment, not an expense. Because we can guarantee you’ll be so happy that you’ll be skipping down William St humming Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” while high fiving strangers.

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