Many of my mates had been going to the gym quite consistently over the years, but hardly any of them were seeing any real results. Others considered themselves ‘not really gym guys’ mainly due to the fact they were not educated on how to train safely and effectively.

I created the program with the idea that I could help guys reach awesome results in just 12 weeks, and have some fun while doing it. This program has no boring chicken and brocolli diets. I’m just like any other guy, I enjoy eating out with friends and having a few beers. This is not some crazy 30 day crash diet. My style of training and eating is completely sustainable and much easier than you might think. This is not some generic boot camp – this is a real training program for guys aiming at dropping serious body fat and developing long lasting lean muscle. Get results or get your money back!


The lady of the Rig program was designed to meet the needs of a young female looking to get in shape that might not know where to start. Many girls have trained off and on doing the odd group class or pilates session but have found they aren’t getting to where they need to be with their results.

We strive to create a totally non-intimidating environment where girls can learn techniques in the company of fellow females that will help them become leaner, healthier and stronger. The new techniques don’t end in the gym. You will learn how to stay motivated with nutrition and mindset It’s the opportunity for them to commit to a program that guarantees results. Stop floating between pilates and commercial gym studios and come see why our girls are seeing such amazing results.


Questions, bookings or feedback?

Contact me by any of the channels below, or drop in to the studio to see what it’s all about. We are on William Street just after the Coke Sign at the Cross.

191-205 William Street Darlinghurst
P: 0409 518 088
E: geoff@lordoftherig.com


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